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How to get the maximum benefit out of BITS Spark?

by Ankit Govil

How to get the maximum benefit out of BITS Spark?

Ankit and the BITS Spark team of which I am no more a formal part of, asked me to write on this topic, and I thought about it, and the most important word in this statement was “How”.
So let me put down “how” did I/Exotel benefit from the BITS Spark program and venture and maybe How can you leverage BITS Spark.
1. As Shivku said, we got our earliest mentors/advisors from the BITS Spark advisors in Raju, Chandra, Satish Gupta.
2. Our team is of 5 BITSians and a lot of that has come from the network effect. (Hiring within the network is so much more helpful and beneficial for both the startup and the hungry to be startup employee.)

3. We have from time-time during negotiations of terms, gone to our advisors, we have gone to our fellow companies like Zivame, Gharpay (now Clink) for understanding how did they handle some of their legal problems

4. Many of our early customers were BITSians who trusted us – redBus, Gharpay, Zivame, Sharedcab and more.
So I have just given you some amazing examples of fighting the most challenging parts of scaling a company, where you need mentoring on finance, hiring, legal or for building a great team, or for getting your earliest customers, or just for validation and support where someone will hear you out.
Somethings you must do:
1. There is Wildbeez who have got 2-3 early customers thanks to the bits2startup forum itself, and more companies/startups should leverage this forum smartly, without being overly enthusiastic in selling.
2. Attend BITS Spark Meetups, we are hosting one @Exotel office on 31st August, and look forward to seeing some of you there. All your better friends, networking, customers, mentors who you might work with will be there, and you can connect with them.
3. Give back, engage BITSians who are in the start-up ecosystem to participate in Spark, if they also participate, either by mentoring, joining the group, investing or just being around, you will have +1 more person rooting for your startups success. Just look at how all of us enjoyed redBus’s acquisition and hence article’s like these got wrote - http://www.nextbigwhat.com/bits-pilani-successful-startup-machine-297/
4. Come, participate :)
Any BITSian start-up winning out there, will improve your start-ups chances of winning, any BITSian rocking it out there, will further improve your chances of winning, the brand will just get further built, and more trust will come about.
Amen to that and us, let us all win together? Everyone here at Exotel is happy to help in anyway possible.
Vijay Sharma , co-founder @ Exotel. He has worked with Nen and practo before starting Exotel. He is talking about B2B marketing and sales for startup. For more details check: http://www.facebook.com/events/542491745800022/

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